WCCS Radio
January 28, 2023

Indiana Borough has announced that the G.E.T. Solar: Indiana program has been extended for another month.

G.E.T. Solar is a program designed to educate individuals about the benefits and savings of using solar energy for a business or non-profit organization.  The program is led by the PA Solar Center, and is open to all commercial and non-profit organizations in Indiana Borough and White Township.  The current application window has been extended to February 27th.  The program will offer a free assessment of an organization’s solar potential and issue requests for proposals from qualified solar developers on behalf of the organization.  The PA Solar Center will review bids and help the organizations navigate the whole process without the obligation to sign contracts or paying any fees.

Those interested can find a form online at www.indianaboro.com/solar.  Forms can also be picked up at the George E. Hood Municipal Building at 80 North 8th Street.  The program will hold a webinar on February 17th and a prior webinar is on the PA Solar Center’s YouTube page.

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