the sun rising over a solar farm

G.E.T. Solar Communities

Municipalities across Pennsylvania are experiencing a large increase in the number of requests from residents, businesses, organizations and land owners to install solar energy systems, and they are seeking resources to help their citizens benefit from solar energy.

Appropriate zoning and permitting codes and practices are important for assuring the safety of the citizens of your communities, and also for efficient processing of permits for both municipal staff and for solar contractors and customers. In addition, local government officials – electrical inspectors, code officials, first responders – all benefit from a basic understanding of solar energy and how the systems interact with their responsibilities.

Model Permitting and Zoning Codes

Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future developed model solar permitting and zoning codes for residential and small commercial systems as part of a U.S. Department of Energy SunShot program. The models were developed after a year-long stakeholder process with 24 municipalities in southwestern Pennsylvania and in conjunction with Environment Planning & Design consultants.

RESOURCE: Please refer to the solar zoning and permitting guidebook for residential and small commercial solar developed by Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future under a U.S. Department of Energy SunShot grant


Check back soon for additional resources for large scale solar development zoning and permitting models as well.