Going slow on energy

Times Observer
May 14, 2022

Dear Editor,

The “Hidden costs with renewables” editorial of May 3 underscores what happens when Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives decides to advance poorly designed solar and wind decommissioning legislation while our legacy energy infrastructure litters the land and billions of dollars in renewable energy investments are left on the table.

Pennsylvania’s renewable energy businesses are frustrated, too. They have tens of thousands of jobs and billions in economic development to offer, but some legislators aren’t focusing on how to attract one of the largest job incubators in modern history.

They’re debating the basics of decommissioning while renewable energy businesses take their money and jobs to states with policies that represent today’s opportunities.

Decommissioning is important for all energy systems, and the renewable energy industries have been developing and implementing decommissioning plans for years, so this isn’t new. Sen. Gene Yaw’s recently amended companion legislation, Senate Bill 284, incorporates the renewable energy’s expertise, taking a more commonsense approach.

Beyond decommissioning legislation, Pennsylvania has a lot more work to do to keep up.

Right now, there are over a dozen renewable energy proposals in Harrisburg that would attract investments, create jobs, save family farms, help homeowners, businesses, and schools save money, advance grid security and resilience, and strengthen our energy independence. None of these proposals have moved an inch.

With so much opportunity, it’s time for sensibility and genuine discourse to lead our energy choices.

Matt Mahoney
Director of Government Affairs
Pennsylvania Solar Center

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