"GOT Solar" success stories

Wondering if our GET Solar program is for you? Check out testimonials and more info from organizations who “GOT Solar” from our GET Solar program!


Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County)

Date their solar array was completed: April 2024

Size of system: offsets 12% of their Centre Avenue location energy usage


Testimonial: “Working with PA Solar on the Centre Avenue Housing project has been crucial to getting this project completed! Leo, Jon and Amelia have been on our team since day one – analyzing the site, assisting with selecting a contractor and keeping us in the loop about the tax credit program roll outs. Without their assistance this project wouldn’t have been possible. We look forward to continue working with PA Solar to bring more solar panels to affordable housing projects throughout the region!” – Jodi Lincoln, Development Officer, Action Housing


New Castle, PA (Lawrence County)

Date their solar array was completed: January 2024

Size of system: produces nearly 1 gigawatt of power annually

Financing: Berner received a $537,000 Rural American Energy Program (REAP) grant through the USDA toward the cost of installation.

The system is designed to cover all future energy expansion needs. Excess energy will initially be sent back to First Energy but will eventually be integral to a planned Berner facility expansion.

Testimonial: “The PA Solar Center has been a great partner and resource for our renewable energy sustainability journey. They were invaluable in guiding us about the technologies, funding opportunities, and processes needed to complete this project. Through their extensive network of connections, we were able to select the solar provider and project size that was best for us. They continued to support us throughout all stages of the project. Without their team’s helpful guidance, we would not have been able to take this leap forward to clean energy.” – Denise Grady, CFO, Berner International


Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County)

Date their solar array was completed: June 2024

Size of system: 200 kilowatts


Testimonial: “Construction Junction has been pursuing a pathway to solar for more than a decade with no success; our partnership with PA Solar Center got us to our destination through expert and persistent navigation of solar providers, identifying critical grant funding, and providing helpful tips on project management that will enable CJ to power building material reuse and our expanded woodshop with the sun!” – Mike Gable, Executive Director, Construction Junction



Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County)

Date their solar array was completed: February 2024

Size of system: 104.5 kilowatts

Financing: Wesley Family Services received a $170,720 grant from West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, leaving only a nominal amount for Wesley to fund from its own budget.  Additional financial support was provided by Collective Sun.

The 104.5kW solar energy system, installed by local developer EIS Solar, is estimated to produce about 110,800 kWh and reduce the facility’s utility bill by 78%. EIS estimates that the system will save the nonprofit a potential $700,000 over 25 years.

Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County)

Date their solar array was completed: April 2020

Size of system: 63.2 kilowatts

Financing: Global Links received a $150,000 grant from the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, a nonprofit that helps organizations pursue projects that are environmentally friendly.

Global Links didn’t have to use any of its money for the project and will save between $12,000 to $15,000 per year in energy costs.

Testimonial: “We’re very excited because our 100-plus-panel solar array will cover about 82 percent of our energy usage. As a nonprofit, it’s extra exciting because we try to keep our costs low and we want to put all our donations toward helping the people we serve. When this opportunity came up with the PA Solar Center, we jumped at it.” – Angela Garcia, Executive Director, Global Links

Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County)

Date their solar array was completed: March 2022

Size of system: 543 kilowatts

Financing: Thanks to a Power Purchase Agreement with developer BAI, the college did not have to spend any of its own money on the solar installation, which will save CCAC about $750,000 in energy costs over the next 28 years.

A Power Purchase Agreement is a tool often used by tax-exempt organizations to gain access to solar energy with little to no financing upfront. A third-party investor (in this case, BAI) owns and maintains the solar array and the host site (here, CCAC) pays for the energy generated by the solar system, typically at a significantly lower price than what the host was paying before.


Mill Run, PA (Wyoming County)

Date their solar array was completed: February 2022

Size of system: The solar array consists of 540 individual panels that will annually produce 254,880 kilowatt hours of energy to offset the electric power supplied by West Penn Power. The array will also offset 25% of the overall facility’s electricity use.

Financing: Fallingwater’s transition to clean renewable energy was made possible through a power purchasing agreement with Ecogy Energy of Brooklyn, New York. PECO, an electric utility company based in Philadelphia, purchased the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates from Ecogy Energy to help meet renewable energy goals set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Testimonial: “In designing Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright sought to create a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature. He was inspired by the natural features of the woodland landscape for the house’s colors, materials and design motifs, and oriented the building to take advantage of natural light and passive airflows. Installing solar carries forward Wright’s ideals and continues the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s commitment to protect and preserve this beautiful landscape and the architectural principles that make Fallingwater unique.” – Justin Gunther, Vice President and Director, Fallingwater