Kinsley’s ShopRite Goes Green; Installs Solar Panel System

November 9, 2023

The Kinsley family has been operating supermarkets in the Poconos for over fifty years; with four generations working at their current store, Kinsley’s Shoprite.

Over the years, the business has expanded, including the construction of a 95,000 square foot building, home to their current store, making it the World’s Largest Shoprite.

On Thursday, the business made history once again, switching over to solar energy.

“Over the last eleven to twelve years, technology has changed so much, and it just made sense. We have a green store now, but this has made us greener, better for the environment, and ultimately that is what it is about” says Chris Kinsley.

Owner Chris Kinsley’s grandfather started this grocery store back in the 1950’s. He explains that back then, his grandfather couldn’t have imagined how far the business would come.

“The store now is bigger than the warehouses he bought from. He would be very proud and very amazed” Kinsley says.

The panels were installed by Endless Energy, a company based out of Wilkes-Barre.

CEO Michael Pitcavage explains that a significant amount of money will be saved in addition to reducing the store’s carbon footprint.

“You are looking at an eighty to ninety percent reduction in electrical purchasing from the utilities, so your carbon footprint is reduced by that same variable” Pitcavage explained.

The large 2.12-megawatt solar system is estimated to produce about 2,700,000 kwh/year. Pitcavage says that the panels have already peaked interest from the community.

“We’ve actually received a ton of calls from local residents just driving by and local businesses asking what the financial benefit is, what is the environmental benefit, and what is the impact for my pocketbook” Pitcavage said.

The store was also presented with the Lodestar Award from nonprofit the Pennsylvania Solar Center for demonstrating local leadership and vision for going solar.

The Kinsley’s are looking forward to continuing to reduce their carbon footprint and continue their green initiative.

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