PA organization honors businesses investing in renewable solar energy

March 3, 2022

With electricity prices on the rise, the Pennsylvania Solar Center says there is another alternative, and the sky’s the limit.

They say solar energy is not only good for the environment, but the economy as well.

“Our ultimate goal is, we would like to see Pennsylvania move to 10 percent solar by 2030,” said Sharon Pillar, Executive Director and Founder of the Pennsylvania Solar Center. “That would create 50,000 jobs, billions of money in private capital will be drawn to PA.”

A handful of businesses are paving the way in using the sun to power up, and they’ve been awarded the prestigious Lodestar Award. The businesses include farms, a brewing company, a clean energy cooperative, and the Pocono Raceway.

State Sen. Mario Scavello says he’s an advocate for solar power. He spoke at the ceremony honoring the businesses and says he’s pushing a bi-partisan bill that would expand access to the renewable energy.

“That bill is going to be moving, we’re making some adjustments to get everyone on board, but the solar fields are important,” Scavello said.

Scavello, a Republican, says he’s seeing more and more members of his political party get on board.

“You’ve got some members starting to realize it’s the way to go, especially now they’re getting these calls about the cost of electricity, so that kinda pushes people in the right direction,” Scavello said.

Watch the video here.

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