PA Solar Center Solicits Proposals To Help Businesses Transition To Solar Energy: Feb. 10 & 17 Webinars Set

PA Environment Digest
January 27, 2021

On January 27, the Pennsylvania Solar Center announced the release of its latest RFP for the Galvanizing our Energy Transition (GET) Solar Program to provide technical assistance and financial guidance for businesses looking to benefit from solar energy.

Applications are being accepted now until March 1.

The launch of the GET Solar program coincides with the recent extension of the federal solar investment tax credit of 26 percent through 2023. The tax credit combined with the accelerated depreciation will save businesses about 50 percent of the entire cost of the system over the first five years.

In addition, with C-PACE financing available in some counties, companies may be able to go solar with no money up front at all.

“It really is a great time to go solar,” said Sharon Pillar, Executive Director of the PA Solar Center. “The federal tax credit extension is a huge incentive that will hopefully encourage more companies to make the transition to clean energy and, in the process, save businesses thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of the system. Going solar creates both environmental sustainability as well as financial sustainability, which the pandemic has highlighted as an important goal to which many more companies are now paying more attention.”

Through the GET Solar Program, the PA Solar Center completes a preliminary assessment of a business’s solar potential, helps them understand financing options available to them, and links them with qualified solar developers for their projects.

Feb. 10 & 17 Webinars

A webinar to explain the program will take place on February 10, with a second webinar to explain financing options for solar, including C-PACE, taking place on February 17.   Click Here to register for the webinars.

Energy services company Plug Smart will collaborate with the PA Solar Center at the February 17 webinar and will offer a free C-PACE Consultation for qualifying businesses considering other energy infrastructure upgrades.

“We’re excited to work with the PA Solar Center to help businesses GET Solar,” said Matt Mahoney, Senior Project Developer with Plug Smart. “Within C-PACE, solar power is an important consideration when evaluating a portfolio of infrastructure needs because it can enhance the overall project’s energy and fiscal efficiency. Combining energy savings measures opens new avenues for reducing costs while enhancing the building. And now with flexible financing options like C-PACE, building owners have an option that creates positive cash flow immediately.”

Building owners in Pennsylvania can use C-PACE, or Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, to finance building infrastructure improvements such as roof replacement, HVAC, LED lighting, windows, elevators, building automation, and solar without funds coming out of pocket.

C-PACE offers 100 percent financing with low rates fully amortized over a term of up to 30 years so property owners can achieve energy and cost savings, especially when combined with tax incentives and other cost reduction programs.

For these reasons, more and more Pennsylvania businesses and organizations are choosing to go solar. These investments tend to pay for themselves relatively quickly and then achieve impressive cost savings down the road.

Renewable energy also creates stable and predictable energy prices. Once the equipment is paid for, the energy from the sun or wind is free, so the cost of the electricity is known for the life of the equipment which is 25 years or more.

For more information on the program, visit the PA Solar Center’s Galvanizing our Energy Transition (GET) Solar Program webpage.

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