The LodeStar Award

PA Solar Center Director Sharon Pillar presenting Angela Garcia, Executive Director of Global Links, with the Lodestar Award
PA Solar Center Director Sharon Pillar presenting Angela Garcia, Executive Director of Global Links, with the Lodestar Award for their solar leadership

The word Lodestar historically referred to a star used in navigation but now connotes an entity that is leading the way. With the Lodestar Award, the PA Solar Center recognizes the inspirational leadership of Pennsylvania-based organizations and businesses that are demonstrating leadership throughout the field of solar energy.

The solar energy industry touches a wide swath of the economy from the manufacturing and supply chain, to the people who sell, design, install and maintain the solar panels, to the customers who choose to invest in solar. Also involved are many ancillary industries such as legal firms, financiers, engineers, electrical contractors and even people working in agri-voltaics that include planting pollinator-friendly plants and grazing sheep under the solar panels. Solar employs people across all educational levels and in every county of Pennsylvania. Lodestar recognizes this exciting transition of our energy economy.

We also understand that organizations or businesses that have gone solar and sell their solar renewable energy credits (SREC) or are under a power purchase agreement with a third party in control of their SRECs are not permitted to claim that their facilities are powered with solar. With the Lodestar Award, these organizations can publicly display their dedication to solar energy with our logo and show that their company or organization is a luminary in solar energy, without violating the rules around claiming environmental attributes.

We hope that organizations and businesses will accept our award and display it on their website as a badge of pride in solar advancement and also as an inspiration for others to do the same.

If your organization and business is interested in receiving the Lodestar Award, please contact us at and we will respond with the electronic “award” and information about displaying the Lodestar logo on your webpage or social media.

In addition, be sure that your project is included on our solar installation map.


Lodestar Award Ceremonies

Northcentral Pennsylvania

Our first Lodestar Award Ceremony will honor leaders in solar energy from northcentral PA (look out for upcoming Lodestar Award ceremonies in other regions). Please REGISTER HERE to join us on Feb. 11 from 4:30-6:00 PM to honor the following organizations, institutions, municipalities and businesses:

• BAI Group

• Burkholder’s Market

• Centre County Board of Commissioners

• Envinity

• Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery

• KOA Campground

• Milheim Borough Council

• Organic Climbing

• Sun Directed