Why do conservatives support renewable energy?

Letter-to-the-Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer
July 21, 2022

We couldn’t agree more with David Jenkins of Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship on the importance of diversifying Pennsylvania’s energy mix with renewables like solar. Natural gas is dominating Pennsylvania’s electricity market with over 50% of net generation, and it’s predicted to grow to 70% by 2030. Meanwhile, renewable energy sources comprise less than 4% of Pennsylvania’s energy mix, with solar at only 0.5%.

Dependence on any one kind of energy resource is a bad idea, as consumers ultimately pay the price. Case in point, this summer, all of Pennsylvania’s electric utilities significantly raised their prices, ranging from 6% to 45%.

Diversification lowers energy prices for everyone, even those without solar on their properties. It’s Economics 101; the more competition, the lower the prices. But to do that, Harrisburg must raise the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards to at least 10 percent renewable energy by 2030, with 5 percent coming from solar.

Matt Mahoney
Director of Government Affairs
Pennsylvania Solar Center

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