Community Choice Aggregation webinar

07/26/2023 @ 10:00 am - 07/26/2023 @ 11:30 am

Join Narberth & Swarthmore Boroughs, and CCA for PA, on July 26, 10 -11:30 am to discuss the progress of their Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Implementation Plans.
           – Borough CCA and emissions reduction goals
           – Narberth and Swarthmore report on their CCA Implementation Plan progress
           – Projected CCA renewable energy supply for PA boroughs
           – CCA Projected borough benefits: .GHGe reduction, BIL/IRA Ed & outreach, Consumer protection…et al
           – Invitation to ‘explore CCA benefits for your borough
           – Timeline to Borough CCA adoption
          – Next action steps leading to CCA adoption
PA Boroughs through Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) can select the source of electricity for residents and small businesses.
For every 1000 CCA homes, ~ 6,000 tons/ year of GHG emissions will be prevented compared to the utility default energy mix.
PA Utilities ‘default mix’ produces over 1-pound GHGE per kWh. PECO’s default mix has only .5 % solar.
A Borough CCA can choose 100% solar for residents and small businesses to achieve your energy transition goals.
CCA is featured in: Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan, West Chester Council of Governments plan and Philadelphia’s Energy Transition Plan as a powerful strategy to help meet the critical challenge to rapidly transition from self-destructing fossil fuel consumption to sustainable renewable energy.
We look forward to seeing you at the CCA for PA Progress Report webinar!
The CCA for PA Team:

– Baird Brown – Principal at “eco(n)law“

PA Community outreach

– Dennis Rowan – State Organizer, CCA for PA
– Jim Wylie Sierra Club of Pennsylvania Conservation Co-Chair
– Bill Sabey – “Ready For 100” Volunteer Organizer, PA Sierra Club Clean Energy Team Leader

– Mike Gordon – Founder and CSO at Joule Community Power

Solar industry
– Ron Celentano – Solar PV industry Consultant and President of PASSIA
                    – Liz Robinson – Executive Director, Philadelphia Solar Energy Association